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Tarzz, a brand that owns ethnic culture and folklore of Pakistani traditions so efficiently, knit it through the latest trends of modernism, and bring very bizarre yet lavish unstitched / ready to wear designer dresses every year, with a motive to serve women and Pakistani fashion industry. Tarzz sloganize as “The Good Side of Traditions”! It means, this brand owns the ethnicity so personally, and asks women to get dressed with confidence and tell the world, no one can stop them.

RCG join hands with Tarzz to promote traditions, culture, ethnicity, and mythos of Pakistan by offering all the latest designer collections by Tarzz brand. RCG is a proud partner of Tarzz and house of more than hundred designer brands of Pakistan, offers latest unstitched, pret, ethnic and modern designer dresses on affordable rates to woman across Faisalabad through RCG physical store and in all over world by using online platform.

A chain of trusted customers from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, UK, USA, and Canada is maintained by RCG by providing original ready to wear party dresses, unstitched suits, and ceremonial collections to its customer with trust, reliability and affordability.

If we talk specifically about Tarzz, RCG offers its most awaited and online searched series of dresses including

• Ankahi by Tarzz
• Dastaan by Tarzz
• Lamha by Tarzz
• Silsila by Tarzz

Ankahi by Tarzz:

Ankahi by Tarzz is an opulent series Unstitched Designer Suit by Tarzz offering lawns shirts embedded with floral thread work, ethnic prints for dupatta and shirt pecked with dyed plain pants. This unstitched fabric collection has total 15 articles in magnificent colors including; ivory, amber, water, turquoise, crimson, and grey, etc. you may check complete Ankahi by Tarzz catalog by clicking the link.

Dastaan by Tarzz:

In Dastaan series, Tarzz is brining fashion for the ladies who are conscious to look stylish in a decent way. This, women unstitched collections series by Tarzz, is also embedded with three piece dresses by Tarzz offered in unstitched fabric named Dobby. Jacquard and cambric fabric is also melded in this collection to offer shawls and trousers respectably. Colors used in this designer unstitched collection Dastaan By Tarzz are dust, blanched almond, ivory blue, golden rode, and many more. You may check complete Dastaan collection by Tarzz on our website.

Lamha by Tarzz:

Lamha by Tarzz is designed and dedicated to the teenager and young adults of Pakistani society. Single unstitched shirts embedded with digital printing of dotted patterns, floral patterns, wine patterns, box patterns and khaddi patterns are part of this amazing juvenile series by Tarzz. All the colors which enhance beauty of a lady are used in this collection including, red, maroon, green, blue, and amber color etc. For a complete look, you can check Lamha by Tarzz in the fashion collections by RCG.

Silsila by Tarzz:

Silsila by Tarzz offers a progression, a chain and a series of two piece suits based on trouser and shirt plus shirt and dupatta. This designer unstitched fabric collection by Tarzz is dedicated to women who like to discover themselves by experimenting with their looks.Full embroidery designer unstitched dresses got hues of the moderate season such as sea green, beige, nude pink, amber, red, grey, and purple, etc.

Ready to Wear Clothes by Tarzz:

Ready to wear designer clothing by Tarzz is also offered and named as Silsila, Lamha, Dastaan and Ankahi. In this series, you will find ultra-modern ready to wear designer shirts by Tarzz. Brand has done so much experimentation with the fabric and offered ready to wear clothes in denim, Khaddar, Lawn, tissue, cotton, and silk. Every shirt is enriched in modern cuts and embellishments like laces, patches, swatches, buttons, Dories, and threadwork.

You can have this sumptuous treat of latest summer collection of woman fashion clothing at RCG on affordable rates with genuine fabric and guaranteed quality. RCG extract cloths direct from the brand and being official vending partner, RCG is obliged to maintain quality. You can do branded shirts online shopping by using official website of RCG and also visit us at Kohinoor.

Different sizes, colors, and designs offered originally by the brand are available in the RCG inventory. All you need to do is, visit our website, get the cart brimmed with dresses and leave rest of the tension on us. RCG is obliged to send dresses to you through convenient delivery options.