Marjan Embroidered Lawn Vol.01 2018

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Sifona, the brand of elegance, has just yet emerged on the beaming screen of Pakistani fashion. Being new doesn’t mean being naïve to fashion tricks and fashion skillset in fact within some years of the blastoff, Sifona has been part of fashion couture, fashion walks, and fashion events by offering high-quality fabric enriched brilliant collections for the woman across Pakistan.

The team Sifona believes in interlocking the antique ethos of Pakistani fashion with modern trends and making flattering designs for women on supreme quality fabric and presenting dresses on reasonable expenses, so you won’t just have them but win them.

RCG is the leading partner with Sifona to vend latest Sifona dresses it launches Sifona sales offers every year. In Sifona Sale 2018, RCG offered opulent series including Sifona summer collection 2018, Sifona luxury elmas collection, Sifona embroidered lawn Collection and Sifona eid collection with the price that fits every pocket.

Right, now only a few articles form Sifona chiffon collection are left and you have a look at them, you will find high-quality fabric, luminous artwork on the shirts around neckline, on hem borders and even on the bottom parts of pants. Dupattas are intricate with imprints of the floral jungle, ancient buildings, and ethnic frames.

Every dress in Sifona Chiffon Collection is based on three-piece delicacy. This collection is unstitched and if you want to know measurements of the fabric check Sifona in brands category. Each dress is a real treat for those looking for comfortable Formal wears. This is not all, you can also visit us at Jaranwala road, Kohinoor, Faisalabad where out ready-to-serve staff will help you conquer queries.

RCG offers convenient shipping within 48 hours of the order and in case of any damage, you will get complete money back guarantee. To know more benefits to purchase from RCG, you can visit our shipping and return policy page. Lastly, we are always open to your queries so get the phone and dial RCG now and get all the information regarding Sifona latest collection.