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Serene Premium

Serene - the brand, just like its name, offers most luminously planned varieties of women dresses touched with the jigsaw of modern tantrums and ethnic mores. If we talk about the history of this brand, the time is not very far when Serene entered Pakistani designer industry and introduced its very first premium embroidered Chiffon Collection, planned and designed wholly in Pakistan. With just its first-ever collection, Serene became the most loved brands of Pakistan that people want to wear.

Due to the giant stride success, The Serene now owns official stores at different locations along with vendors at the top locations of famous Pakistani cities. Due to the highest demand of original serene dresses, the competition between the vendors increased because all of them are striving to become the top choice of the brand as well as customers. However not all brands are same neither they offer same quality dresses because there are some complaints, we found that vendors are sending replicas in name of original serene dresses.

If you don’t want to be scammed, purchase from RCG. RCG is the Royal Clothing Gallery located in posh area of Faisalabad i.e. Kohinoor. It is not a vendor, in fact, a home and platform for more than 150 designers, to offer their varieties. Thus, there are no chances of sending you replica dress because designers trust RCG due to its authenticity and genuineness. Not only this, but you can also check our customer ratings where they have given five stars to the hospitality and originality of RCG.

You can visit us any time online at www.rcg.com.pk and in-house at Kohinoor, to purchase the latest serene dresses collections. RCG offers a complete money back guarantee in case of a piece is damaged or not original. We are doing this to build trust between customers and RCG. Experience once! Before ending this content, I would like to wish;

Happy Shopping at RCG!