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During past three years, the Pakistani fashion industry has boosted a lot, and every day a new designer brand is entering the industry. Sanoor is also one of the brands that joined the Pakistani fashion industry in 2016 but proved it different than the other novice designers came along. People liked and accepted Sanoor collection eagerly and within in a period of like two years; it became one of the most searched brands online.

Due to their leaps and bounds success, Sanoor has now big official store in top 5 cities of Pakistan and hundreds of vendors across the globe that help to sell the Sanoor collection to different people living at remote destinations. Just like that, RCG is one of the top Sanoor vendors in Faisalabad and Gojra. What is RCG if you ask, well this is the most prominent Royal Clothing Gallery based in the textile city of Pakistan, with along with another branch in Gojra.

People come from across the city of Faisalabad to purchase latest and original collections by Sanoor at RCG. Why they prefer to buy from this Royal Clothing Gallery is because here is the immense variety of designer dresses available for all age groups without mattering if you are lady or gent. RCG is the top platform for local and international brands to showcase their varieties.

Right now RCG is dealing in the top winter collections by Sanoor. If, you want to get the latest winter dresses collection, visit RCG store today. Blazing colours, embellishing decorations, floral printing, and durable fabric - everything at RCG is original and directly exported from the brand.

Plus, if you are a shopaholic but don’t like to stand in the longer lanes for billing and receipts, take advantage of purchasing the latest Sanoor original dresses online from Within three working days, your orders will reach your spot. For your assistance, we offer COD payment and payment through credit card. Just the way you like it.

Also, don’t forget that Sanoor dresses at RCG are available with complete money back guarantee hence if you received a damaged or an unoriginal dress, RCG will bear the penalty.

Happy Shopping Fashionistas!!!