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As it is visible from the name the Offspring brand is devoted to offer adorable little kids and children. From casual wears to elegant party dresses, everything is accessible for your kids between ages 1 year to12 years. Complete variety is planned, manufactured, and presented in Pakistan.

When it comes to the introduction of this brand is owned by HMZ, the daughter company of famous Hanif group of families in Pakistan. This is not the only project operating in the name of Hanif Groups in fact there are number of corporations, including vendors, retailers, and exporters, working all across Pakistan.

You would have seen so many brands dedicated for kids working inside and outside the borders of Pakistan so when it comes to presuming the difference between other brands and Offspring; quality, design and presentably is what makes Offspring stand out of the crowd.

Beside the vendors working in name of Hanif Group, there are also many shops and clothing outlets that offer services for selling clothing stuff by Offspring and RCG is one of the top vendors operating inside the across the whole textile city Faisalabad.

RCG is owned by Mr. Adnan Baig, a well-known businessman cum artist of Pakistan. This is the reason, RCG is famous around the globe not only because it is owned by a wellknown personality but also because of their dynamic and efficient services.

From attending their customers in house to delivering online shopping packages across the borders, RCG is top on the list. Customers trust RCG more because of the fastest response and hospitable assistance. If you want to enjoy shopping at its best pace, visit RCG today.

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