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Either it comes to eastern folklore enriched ethnic variety of western cuts enmeshed apparels, when it comes to the women fashionable dressing Nimsay is the brand you all need to look at. Nimsay started back in 2007 and since then it is twinkling like an untamed star. Since the inception of this brand, Nimsay promised quality, style and fashion and this is the reason Nimsay has a chain of trusted customer around the globe, along with vendors operating at different locations of the globe.

When it comes to selection of vendors by Nimsay, a tight criterion is offered. Here, every shop is observed and tested for the originality of the fabric, appropriate deliveries, a dynamic customer support, and fastest shipping period. Although the tree of vendors is branched all over the countries but when it comes to the top trusted vendors by Nimsay RCG comes at the top.

RCG is the royal clothing gallery, situated in the heart of Faisalabad, the first and most attracted places for the Faislabadis, regardless of their age and gender. Along with providing latest collections by Nimsay for every season, RCG also offers all the branded dresses from top brands of Pakistan, in store and for online shopping.

Best thing about purchasing Nimsay branded dresses from RCG is;
1. The articles you get here are not available anywhere else in Faisalabad
2. Our creative supplying team brings in the stock even before it is offered to the other stores, it means, if you want to purchase latest dresses before even it comes to market, RCG has it for you.
3. Thirdly, our staff and RCG is very dynamic and hospitable either you wear house in house or online, our dedicated staff is always there to help you out either it is about purchase of the dresses or enquiry of the queries.
4. The delivery time that RCG takes is the least most compare to other vendors, along with convenience of COD, bank payments, and money back guarantee

These are some reasons that RCG is getting popular among the customers by leaps and bounds. If you want to get the experience of most feasible shopping, meet us at or RCG Kohinoor, Jaranwala road.
Happy shopping!!