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Donna Karan is the lady behind DKNY and started women fashion brand. The brand is dedicated to motivating the women who are confident, courageous, stand out, and breeched with self-esteem are able to think freely, breath freely and live freely without being oppressed by anyone. DKNY International Brand History:

50 years back in 1984, the Donna Karan that’s called DK in her circle, introduced her very own clothing range baptized as Seven Easy Pieces. In Seven Easy Pieces a very new and something eccentric was hatched. She brought very classic styles of jackets, new designs of skirts, the different narration of pants, chic bodysuits, and amazing experiments were done for fabrics and offered cashmere (Kashmir) sweaters and Exotic Leather jackets. She also made colorful purifications of hues to make them dedicated dresses for morning and evening timing. Everything that a woman with the free mind and modern approach can imagine, was introduced in this charismatic bunch of dresses.

DKNY International Brand Significant Advancement:

Later on, when she found her adorable teen searching for the favorite clothing at different designing labels, she decided to fetch the ideas of modern teen dressing by introducing her own brand DKNY. By having this brand, she not only fulfilled the dream of her daughter for wearing modern clothing but also made dreams true for many teenagers. Even now, all the young girls prefer to wear DKNY when it comes to modern chic clothing.

the DKNY brand opened its eyes in the city of lights, NY and that’s the reason it is embedded with all the panache of pure New Yorkers taste. Later on, from just offering woman branded clothing, DKNY started to produce gents clothing range for daily wears, office suiting, casual wears, and pajamas to wear while sleeping. Everything is approached in different designing.

Now it offers a huge range of ladies and gents clothing for modern dresses, sports clothing, bags, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, and perfumes etc. Right now, at more than 50 destinations of the world, official DKNY flagships stores are successfully working. However, these destinations are mostly located in western countries. There was no store in the Asia Pacific.

DKNY International Brand in Pakistan at RCG Store:

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