Festive Velvet Collection 2018

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Iznik Festive Velvet Collection 2018

Iznik Festive Velvet Collection 2018 will soon be out for pre-booking at RCG Store, Kohinoor Faisalabad. In this collection, you will find amazing three piece suits enriched in the festive winter fabric and enhanced with embroidered shawls. Here is a complete review of the latest collection by Iznik.

Iznik Festive Velvet Collection 2018 Fabric and Measurements:

This collection is offering very limited and only a few designs but each design so thoughtfully and differently designed. So, let’s start with the fabric. The collection is launching in December when the winter season at its peak. Moreover, if you will wear Jerseys and cardigans above your dress, the complete designing will be beholden behind the cardigan. However, with Iznik Festive Velvet Collection 2018¸ you will not have to do this because it is coming with the velvet shawls. So, no winter is going to freeze you. The fabric and measurements include:

• Embroidered Velvet Shirt Front
• Plain Velvet Shirt Back
• Separate sleeves
• Chinon Embroidered Shawl
• Dyed Pants in Raw Silk

You will also get several excellent add-ons to decorate your dresses.

Iznik Festive Velvet Collection 2018 Designing and Decoration:

Velvet is so amazing in the looks and feels like so festive that you can wear and use these dresses for the wedding functions. There are only a few dresses offered and each dress is designed in its own way. Moreover, dresses are also named according to the decorations and the color palette of the dresses. Such as you will:

• The rich Gold dress that’s intricated in the golden shirt and trouser with same toned embroideries. While its shawl is offered in the jet-black tone that’s enhancing the festivity of the fabric.

• Jungle Green Dress; as the name depicts is offering wild golden embroideries of floral vines and roses placed right on the green shirt. The overall dress is enhanced with a gold embroidered trouser and golden velvet shawl.

• Deep Maroon is also so amazingly having maroon shade amalgamated with the champagne green artwork while shawl and bottom are also offered in the champagne colors.

• Deep Teal; teal is colors that you can say has a deeper zinc tone. In this dress, gold leaves are breached throughout the shirts while shawl and bottoms are softly embroidered.

• Fuchsia Rose is a dress melded in the silver, gold, skin, and Fuchsia tones. This complete color palette is enhanced with silver and beige artwork while Dupatta of this dress is so heavily embroidered.

• Chocolate brown, just like the name has chocolate tone decorated with the golden-beige embroideries. For a different look, zinc toned Banarasi shawl is coupled with this dress.

• Majestic Purple has purple clothes and beige decorative palette of embroideries, bottoms, and shawls.

Iznik Festive Velvet Collection 2018 Price:

Price for all dresses is same. So Iznik Festive Velvet Collection 2018 Price is;

PKR 9,950/- only.

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