Imrozia Nostalgic Climax Collection The Gold Splendour 10

Embroidered chiffon for front & back yoke: 0.75 yard
Embroidered chiffon for front & back: 2.50 yards
Embroidered organza border for front & back: 4.25 yards
Embroidered chiffon for sleeves: 0.75 yard
Embroidered organza border for sleeves: 1 yard
Embroidered chiffon for dupatta: 2.75 yards
Embroidered Raw silk for trouser: 2.50 yards
STYLE: The Gold Splendour 10
PKR 8,900.00
Bedazzled with the bling pizzazz of gold, belted with the ferns of silver, and spiced-up with the red of mystifying affection – The Gold Splendour hypnotizes imagination!