Imrozia Nostalgic Climax Collection The Caramel Coco 05

Embroidered chiffon for front panel: 1 pcs
Embroidered organza for neck patch: 1 pcs
Embroidered chiffon for front side panel & back: 1.25 yards
Embroidered organza for back neck patch: 1 pcs
Embroidered organza border for front & back: 2 yards
Embroidered chiffon for sleeves: 0.75 yard
Embroidered organza border for sleeves & trousers:2 yards
Embroidered chiffon for dupatta: 2.75 yards
Raw silk for trousers: 2.50 yards
STYLE: The Caramel Coco 05
PKR 7,500.00
Nestled with the ferny patterns of florals, coupled with the delicacy of caramels, and embroidered with the perfection of musky murals – The Caramel Coco lavishes joy!