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Pre-Winter - Winter Collections by Famous Pakistani Designers
November, 23,2018
Hey fashionistas, here are the factual bits and bobs of the winter collection 2018 by famous Pakistani designers.Let’s start the journey:

Blessed Friday Sale at RCG Stores:

Blessed Friday 2018 moon has sighted in Pakistan. So ladies, get ready, set and fasten your seat belts as the Blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan will be on from 20th November at Royal Clothing Gallery at Kohinoor, Faisalabad as well as at Rafique Center Gojra.

Come first and have first because historical blessed Friday deals of the year will be on from twentieth Friday in Pakistan. In Blessed Friday Offers at RCG Store Pakistan you can get great discounts on original branded collections online as well as in store. Before moving on to further lines let me give you some details regarding celebration history of blessed Friday in Pakistan.

In the west, it is known as Black Friday and every year, one week before the Christmas event, different shops, stores, brands, and dealers offer huge discounts in the black Friday sale. The main aim and theme behind this Sale on Black Friday is making the stuff accessible for the less fortunate and economically poor people of the world. Black Friday Items Sale makes it possible to celebrate the happiness of Christmas for those who cannot afford expensive stuff usually. This Amazing idea was adopted some years back by the Muslim world and Pakistanis with a little transformation. For Muslims, it is believed that Friday is a day of blessing and mercy and shouldn’t be regarded as black. Thus, in Pakistan, people call it Blessed Friday.

Due to enhancement in the blessed Friday sales and increment in the searches for blessed Friday deals, RCG Store decided to offers amazing Blessed Friday Sale in Pakistan on the Holiest event of Eid Milad Un Nabi. Rabīʿ al-Awwal has just started and to make every brother and sister part of the happiness and holiness of this month, RCG store is bringing biggest discounts in Pakistan on branded clothes and other stuff available here.

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RCG Store wishes you to Have a blessed Friday and weekend.